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Covid-19 has all but forced us to focus on our health. But while staying at home may be
the best way to avoid getting sick, it can also negatively impact your body in ways you
might not expect.

Here are our top 5 tips for keeping your mind and body healthy while self-isolating.

Stretch Throughout The Day
Staying at home during a pandemic can lead to a decrease in physical strength and
activity, because suddenly the longest walk you make is from the couch to the fridge. Be
sure to stay limber throughout your stay by stretching multiple times and stepping away
from your desk or couch for an actual walk.

Schedule Your Tasks and Goals
There’s something so freeing about having no schedule for your day, but doing so too
often can lead to a day slipping away and making you question what you’ve
accomplished once it’s over. Even if it’s just a checklist on your phone, consider
planning out your day to feel more purposeful.

Be Mindful of Your Mental Health
The uncertainty and anxiety surrounding COVID-19 can be very difficult for people who
feel trapped at home. Whether you are someone who has dealt with mental health in
the past or not, be mindful of your mental state and reach out to family or health
professionals for help if you need it.

Stay Connected to Others
We are naturally social creatures, and the people we surround ourselves and interact
with have a profound effect on our mental health. It can be easy to isolate yourself
emotionally when you are physically required to, but reaching out to friends and family
over text or phone will not only strengthen your friendships but maintain your sanity as

Focus On Gratitude
During this period, we may feel overwhelmed by all of the negativity going on around us.
While your feelings are totally valid, it’s also important to count the blessings in your life
that make every day worth living. Try doing this by writing down a list of all the things
you are grateful for and remind yourself of them when life has got you down.

There are plenty of things you can do to stay healthy during your time in self-isolation,
and our team at 3 Degrees Sauna Studio is here to help you however we can. Give our
center a call today at (605) 275-5565 or visit our website to learn the many health
benefits of visiting our saunas.

Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared light is the invisible part of natural sunlight. Although it is actually light, it is experienced as soothing, warm radiant heat (and sometimes referred to as infrared heat).

Whole Body Vibration

By far the most popular new addition to the passive exercise category is whole-body vibration or WBV.


Light Therapy has been valued throughout history as a remarkable source of healing and all our saunas come equipped with it.